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+Story Attributes

Terms to Include Terms to Exclue
A Thankful Thanksgiving
A Very Merry Christmas
Age Regression
Bad Boy to Good Girl
Caught With Consequences
Classic Literature
Coerced Change
Consensual Change
Diapers/Plastic Pants
Easter Bunny Gift
Fancy Dress/Prom
Fictionalized (Based on true events)
Flower Girl
Girl Souts/Girl Guides or Similar
Hair/Hair Salon
Halloween Surprise
Non TG
On the Run/In Hiding
One Lovely Valentine
One Special Summer
Permanent Change
Progresses beyond LG
School Girl/Girl's School
Spies/Secret Agents
Staying with Friends/Relatives
Sweet and Sentimental
Technology/Science Fiction
Temporary Change
True Story
Wedding Dress or Married

+Story Era

Terms to Include Terms to Exclue
1 - Pre-Victorian (Before 1837)
2 - Victorian (1837-1901)
3 - Early 20th Century (1901-1950)
4 - Modern Times (1951-2020)
5 - Future (2020 and beyond)

+Story Warnings

Terms to Include Terms to Exclue
Contains Bullying/Emotional Abuse
Contains Coarse/Explicit Language
Contains Other Adult/Non LG Themes
Contains Serious Injury and/or Death
Contains Sexual Depictions
Contains Sexual References
Contains Violence Depictions
Contains Violence References